Nu Degree Result 2022 | Degree 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Year Result 2022

Degree Result 2022 : The result of all the degree examinations of the National University which will be published in 2022. So I hope this article will be very helpful to you. Because today we are discussing all the information related to the final results of the National University (NU) degree exam. Therefore, students who are looking for degree result can find out all the details about NU Degree Result 2022. If you follow this article you will be able to download Degree 1st year result, Degree 2nd year result, Degree 3rd year results, and Degree 4th year result 2022 with marksheet. So read this post to know more about degree result 2022.

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Degree 1st Year Result 2022

This year in 1919 colleges under the National University participants Degree 1st year exam 2022, the first year degree examination started on 30th December and ended on 12th February. About 1 lakh students are eager to get degree 1st year results. Today I will show you all the rules and procedures for viewing degree results. You can easily get your degree result by following the information given by us. Below we discuss all sorts of important issues regarding degree results. As you may know, all sorts of examinations at the National University have been held a little late for the Corona situation. Degree is one of the important activities of National University. In most cases it is seen that not all students can be admitted to Honours they are admitted to the degree course of National University.

Degree 1st year examination started 30 December 2021
Degree 1st year examination was completed 12 February 2022
Practical examination ended 25 February 2022

When will he degree 1st year result will be published ?

Many degree students are searching when will the degree 1st year result 2022 will be published? According to the rules of the National University, the results are published within 90 days of the examination. But this year the test for the Corona situation was held too late and the students will publish the results of the 1st year of the degree within 60 days considering the session jam of the students. As such, degree first year result may be published between 20 and 25 May.

How Do I Get Degree Result ?

Many students are searching for how to get degree result? You can get degree result in a few different ways. The first is that you can get your degree result from the National University website. The second is that you can get degree results through mobile SMS. The third is that you will get degree result through mobile apps, but for that you must have a smart phone.

Degree 1st Year Result Website 2022

You will get your degree result easily and quickly from the official website of the National University. But there are many people who are not know of degree websites . There are two websites for publishing national university results. The first degree result link is and the second is Will get How to get degree 1st year result from website?

  • First enter the National University website.
  • Enter the result option.
  • Select Degree 1st year result box.
  • Now give your registration number and roll number.
  • The year of the degree examination year must be provided.
  • Enter the correct number in the blank cell.
  • Once you enter the sending option, the work is done. 
  • Degree result 2022

You can easily get your degree result just by following a few small steps. I hope I have explained to you how to see degree result through website.

Degree Result Via SMS 2022

One of the ways to get result in a very short time is to see the result through SMS. All you need is a mobile phone to view the result via SMS. And you will get degree result via SMS using any mobile operator. Now it’s time to show how to see degree result in SMS.

To view Degree first year result from SMS, first you have to select the mobile SMS option. And you have to write NU [space] Deg [space] roll or registration number in SMS and send it to 16222. To send SMS, you need to keep at least Tk 2.30 on your mobile phone, as this SMS charge is applicable.

Degree result 2022

Degree Result From Apps 2022

Your mobile must be smart to view degree result with apps. Because without a smart phone you can’t see the results using apps. The advantage of seeing results using apps is very easy and you will get results in a short time. How to see degree 1st year result from apps? To view results with the app, you first you need to download the National University Result App from the Google Play Store. After launching the app, select the type of exam from the results category and send the degree exam roll and registration number and you can get your result with the exam year.

Degree Result Link & Mark Sheet Pdf

Once the result are released, you can view your result degree 1st year result   from the National University’s website. Moreover, you will get result from the degree result link Do you want to download degree result marksheet pdf? However, you will also get the marksheet in PDF format from the degree result website of the National University. Because, compared to other formats, PDF format is clear and can be downloaded very easily.

Degree 1st Year Improvement Result 2022

You will get Degree Improvement result from the official website of the National University. Students who have taken the Improvement Test this academic year will easily get their results. This year students of 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20 academic years have given degree 1st year 2022 standard development test. You can easily get your degree 2022 standard development result by following the information given on our website.

Degree CGPA Result Download 2022

It is very easy to get CGPA of degree result. Today I will teach you how to get CGPA result of degree. Degree First Year CGPA To get the result you need to add the result average of that subject and CGPA will come out only if you divide the obtained average number by 6.
Example: – (2.50 + 2.50 + 2.50 + 3 + 2 + 3 = 15.5) (15.5 ÷ 6 = 2.56) This way you can easily find your degree CGPA result.

How Do I Get Degree Fail Result 2022 ?

And the results will be released in a few days. If you follow us, you will see the results. Many students are asking what to do if the degree result fail? I would like to say to them that failure is a part of education. Moreover, if you are not happy with the low results, you will be able to reap the results next year with quality improvement test. Degree fail result CGPA 0 and fail CGPA grade is ‘F’

Degree Result Terms 2022


  • In order to get promotion, you have to pass at least 4 subjects.
  • If you fail in 4 subjects, it is not possible to get promotion next year.
  • Degree course must be completed within 7 years.


How many years of degree study ?

Answer: Degree studies are valid for 4 years.

What is Degree Result Website ?

Answer: The degree result website is


I have tried to highlight all the rules for viewing degree result 2022 and degree 1st year result, 2nd year result, 3rd year result & 4th year result 2022. You will get your degree result in a very short time by following our website thank you.


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