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Honours 4th Year Board Challenge Apply Process 2022

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The results of the 4th year of Honours of the National University have been published on 25 May 2022. This year’s final exams have been delayed due to the Corona epidemic. The pass rate in this year’s exam is 77.56% percent which is much better than the last few years.

Congratulations from our website to all the students who have passed. But there are many students who can get the expected results, again many students did not pass the exam. All those students will be able to apply for nu board challenge of results through the National University website. Today in our post we will discuss how you can review the results, apply the board challenge and what papers will be required to apply.

You can follow here to see the honours 4th year result with CGPA. Moreover, you can check here to download the completed marksit.

Honours 4th Year Results Board Challenge  Application Process 2022

National University Honours 4th year results have been published, if you want to apply for re-examination of results you must keep in mind that the process of re-examination of results starts within 1 to 2 weeks of giving results. Need to apply for a review of the results? In this case students will be able to apply for re-examination if their results are bad or unsuccessful. Many students do not know how to apply for a result review or board challenge. For the benefit of all those students, today we will explain all the issues of your board challenge.

What paperwork will be required to review the results or challenge the board?

Honours 4th year result 2022 will need to be accompanied by a number of papers to review or board challenge and complete the results review application online by providing the correct information. Below are the papers required to review the Honours 4th year results.

The review application will start from June 1, 2022
Re-examination results will be published: within 1 to 2 months.

What Papers required to apply for review of Honours 4th year results? 

1. Photocopy of registration card
2. Photocopy of Admit Card
3. You need to provide the code for the subject you want to apply for review.
4. You have to pay 800 taka to apply for review of 1 subject result. You have to pay 1800 rupees to apply for review of 2 subject results.

You can easily complete the Honours 4th year results review application from your nearest computer shop.

Check out Honours 4th Year Honours Result 2022 Marksit and CGPA download here.

If My Honours 4th year results are missing? 

Dear students, thank you very much for passing the honours 4th year honours result very well. But as we have noticed that many students are missing out on the results this year even after taking all the exams, many students have asked us what is the reason for this and what is the solution?

We are here to help students who are missing out. Below we will discuss in detail what is the reason for showing missing results even after giving the test and what is the solution.

What causes missing results?

Failure to participate in the test will result in your results missing, moreover the results may be missing due to server jam.

Nu board challenge 4th year 2022

1. 1 photocopy of the attendance register for the 4th year honours examination.

2. 1 photocopy of the certificate.

3. 1 photocopy of admit card.

4. 1 photocopy of registration card.

5. You have to pay 1 thousa1500 taka to apply for re-examination of results.

In addition, the paper should be collected and sent to the office of the National University.

The rules and procedures for reviewing the results of the National University Honours 4th year or applying for a board challenge are provide our website. And if i missing 4th year honours results, what to do? And the solution is highlighted on our website today.


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