SSC Dakhil English 1st & 2nd Paper Suggestion 2022

Are you looking for SSC Dakhil 2022 1st Paper and 2nd Paper suggestions? Then we are providing you SSC Dakhil English First Paper Suggestion and SSC Dakhil English Second Paper Suggestion. You may know English First Paper which will be taken on Saturday 24th September and English 2nd Paper which will be taken on Sunday 25th September. There have just some time for English 1st paper and English 2nd paper exam so surely students are looking for suggestions for that which are common to read from here so we have brought some suggestions for Dakhil 2022 English first paper second paper for your help. We will give you exact suggestions. Which you will hopefully find common by reading and benefit from at least a little. So let’s know about the subjects that we are suggesting and when will be the examination of those subjects and let’s know the details about it. এসএসসি পরিক্ষা পাশ নম্বর সম্পর্কে জানুন……    

SSC Dakhil English 1st Paper Suggestion 2022

Subject Name: English First Paper
Subject Code: 136
Exam Day: Saturday
Exam Date: 24 September
Exam Timing: 11 AM to 1 PM,
Now we will know about English second paper whose suggestion we will reach you through our post.

SSC Dakhil English 2nd Paper Suggestion 2022

Subject Name: English Paper II
Subject Code: 137
Exam Day: Sunday
Exam Date: 25 September
Exam Timing: 11 AM to 1 PM.
Now let’s see the suggestion of English first paper and English second paper of SSC submission 2020.

You can collect all the suggestions given by us through our website on your phone. You can download it in PDF format and you can take it through screenshot or you can note it in your notebook. Which will help you a lot in the exam.

How to collect dakhil English suggestion 2022

1. First you need to click on the given space in the PDF format.
2. Later you will download it and get your desired suggestion in your phone file.
3. If you want to collect it in another way then you can also collect images through screenshot.
4. Again you can collect it by noting it in your account

Suggestion for English 1st paper 2022

This time the SSC or dakhil English exam of 2022 has been reduced by 50%. And this test will have model part and written grammar part. So we will discuss this model part and grammar part separately.

Dakhil Model suggestion for English 1st Paper

Generally, what will be read for the model are the composition parts of the board book or the written subjects. And for them I usually suggest to read board books because all questions come from board books every year.
You should first mark and read the important texts.

Suggestion for English written part

English written part usually consists of paragraph, letter and other parts like application letter, essay, dialogue but since English SSC 2022 has reduced everything in English, there will be no dialogue part and accompanying part. However, we are suggesting the parts that will remain among these paragraphs:

1. Traffic jam
2. Deforestation
3. covid 19
4. dengue
5. symptoms of corona virus.
6. Padma Seth – etc
and among the parts of the letter:

1. water supply
2. Thanking for the birthday gift
3. consoling to friend for his mother sudden death
4. Go for a study tour.

Hope you can achieve a good result by following the above mentioned suggestions. And you’ll get something common. So keep an eye and read from the beginning to the end to get complete suggestions from this website of ours. Now let’s go to English 2nd paper suggestion.

Dakhil English 2nd paper suggestion 2022

English 2nd paper also like 1st paper has 2 parts 1 is grammar part and another is written part. So we are giving the suggestion of English second paper divided into two as before.

English 2nd Part of Grammar 2022

The grammar section will usually have different grammars including complex, compound, simple, narration, right form of verb, suffix prefix etc. For English Grammar you need to practice any model book containing grammar parts. And this practice will make you proficient in English 2nd Grammar and there is nothing to suggest separately for English 2nd Grammar section because English 2nd Grammar section depends on the water and how good you are in it and how much skill you have in the exam will introduce you.

SSC English Written part 2022

Let us first tell you the topics that you have to study for the written part. The written part usually consists of paragraphs, compositions and letters. You have to read from any model guide for SSC 2022 Dakhil English Second Paper the important composition from the mentioned parts, identifying the writings and those important composition can be – merits and demerits of mobile phone, covid 19 vaccine, corona virus , Dengue, and letters may include subjects written for various departments. So you need to read SSC-Dakhil English 2nd paper. Readings after checking them because 2022 topics may also have some recent happenings and also you may have previous exams.From this you can get an idea that some things are important.

Last Year English First And Second Exam Question

You may now be wondering what to do with those first and second exam questions and suggestions for how many years. But last year English 1st and 2nd paper exam and its questions are very important for SSC 2022 candidates especially those who are interested for English 2nd exam. Because from last year english paper 1st and 2nd exam and questions you can get an idea how english 1st and 2nd paper 2022 will be conducted and what study you can get common. So for SSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion 2022 you must have the concept of last year English 1st and 2nd paper questions especially for those who will appear in Dakhil exam so it is very important for your 2022 exam.SSC Dakhil English 1st paper suggestion - English 2nd paper suggestion 2022

Last word:

Above we have broken down various suggestions of SSC Dakhil English 1st Paper and SSC Dakhil English 2nd Paper 2022 completely and broken down. Hope your desired SSC Submission English 1st & 2nd paper suggestions can get an idea from our suggestions and hopefully you will benefit from it. Gives a good result as expected.


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